The International Poodle Agility Championship 2023 will be held in Wielsbeke, Belgium on October 21-22, 2023.

The competition is open for poodles with a recognized pedigree, for all grades (1/2/3) and height categories (S/M/I/L). The dogs must be at least 18 months old on the day of the competition and have a chip or tattoo. In Belgium rabies vaccination is obligated for foreign dogs and dogs with docked tails are not allowed to compete in agility competitions.

Registration for the competition is closed! The entry fee  is 50 EUR for two days.


The program consists of an individual competition and a team competition.

The individual competition is per grade and height category. Every participant runs one jumping and one agility course. The participants with the best results (*) are selected for a final agility course. This final course will determine the individual champions. (*) Selection criteria will be announced at a later date.

The participants will form teams of 4 dogs. Dogs of different grades or height categories are allowed to team up. The teams run one jumping and one agility course. The best 3 results of the team count. The combined result of these two courses will determine the team champion.


Mark Fonteijn (NL)

During my Agility career i use my experience of my work life to get the best out of my students and making them reach the impossible for them.
I teach the positive way with different rewarding methods.
My priority in Agility is to have fun, but I can also be very competitive when necessary.
When I compete with my dog, I want to get the best out of it, but not at any cost. My dogs health stands prior to anything else, physical health as well as mental health.
Whether I am on the course or one of my students or friends, I always try to comment the positive.
I competed on a lot of national and international courses.

Judging Career:
I judge since 2013 and i try to get the best out of every team by building fluent courses with a lot of speed.
It is important to me that the dog has any independance and the handler keeps in motion.
The difficulty of the course must be felt by the handler but be easy on the dog.
I like to challenge the teams by giving them many choices on my courses.My ambition has always been to judge the big FCI competitions. I was one of the judges privileged to judge the European Open in 2019 which makes me extremely proud.

Jeremy Manno (BE)

Hi, I am Jeremy! I am excited to have been asked to judge the next International Poodle Agility Competition!

My agility story starts as a young boy who tagged along with his mother to her weekly dog school training on Sunday with our first dog Nara, a mixed breed who we adopted from the animal shelter.
After discovering agility and taking a liking to this special hobby, my mom and Nara started competing at a recreational level, and a few years later we had our first Border Collie, Meadow. She was supposed to be my mom’s training partner, but as a means of trying to get the teenage me outside of the house in the weekends, I had to follow the occasional training with Meadow. After getting our agility license in 2009 and playing our first competition, I was immediately sold, which lead to me basically “stealing” the dog who was meant for my mom… Oops!
Years later in 2013, my very first own boy River was born. As easy going and calm as Meadow was, so intense was River. Every training and competition was a challenge on its own, all or nothing.
Often it did not go well, but the moments it did, were extremely rewarding and made me never give up. Unfortunately due to injury, River had to retire from agility at the age of 7, but currently still enjoys his days herding sheep.
In 2020 I welcomed my second boy, Ven, into our family. A young, wild and smart little thing with a huge heart. We recently got our agility license in 2022. Our story is still to be told, but I am looking forward to writing it together!

During my years competing, I developed a passion for drawing courses and was always happy when I got the opportunity to place one of my creations on the training field. I loved seeing how club mates and their dogs ran them, which made me want to go further. In 2019, I became a national judge in
Belgium at the age of 25, and international FCI judge in 2021. Drawing courses has since been one of my favourite pastimes, with the culmination being able to build these courses at competitions and watch teams exploring them, all day long.

Although I grew up with Border Collies, I love to see a variety of breeds run on my courses. For this competition, my aim is to build fair courses for the smallest to the largest Poodle all with one important factor, FUN! I hope to see you all in October!


Lys Foolies indoor dog training center
address: Barrage 14, 8710 Wielsbeke
1100 m² artificial grass
Galican Softline obstacles


Camping is possible at Lys Foolies and costs 20 EUR per night with electricity and 10 EUR without electricity. A spot can be booked with this form.

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